Portable Solar Kits

NOTE: Zamp Solar has recently deleted certain items from their catalog and replaced them with improved items, which often results in higher prices than what is listed here. Zamp has also had difficulty supplying certain solar panels. Please call Tom at 541.416.0995 for current pricing and availability. Thank you.

Green, Clean & Portable!

Complete and ready to use! Zamp folding solar kits feature monocrystalline solar panel technology, are ground mounted, have adjustable tilt legs for optimum tilt angle, have a built in charge controller, 16ft. lead wire with battery clips for easy hook up, and can be folded up and stored safely in a padded carrying bag. When you arrive at your destination, the set up process takes less than 5 minutes. Unpack the bag, unfold the panels, adjust the tilt legs, set on the ground in a sunny location pointing south, and finally, connect the wires to your battery.

40 Watt Portable Solar Charging System

$303.00 + shipping charge

This portable solar charging system is rated at 40 watts and will provide 2.30 amps of charging capacity. Great for maintaining your batteries during long storage cycles.

80 Watt Portable Solar Charging System

$483.00 + shipping charge

Portable and easy to use, this solar charging system is rated at 80 watts and packs 4.58 amps of charging capacity in to a compact bag. This system is a great alternative to more expensive hard wired systems.

120 Watt Portable Charging System

$677.00 + shipping charge

Big power and only 30 lbs! This Zamp Solar Portable packs a big punch with 120 watts and a staggering 6.84 amps, large enough to handle larger battery banks.

200 Watt Portable Charging System

$889.00 + shipping charge

King of the hill! It doesn't get any bigger or better when it comes to portable solar charging. This Zamp Portable produces a mind blowing 200 watts at 11.43 Amps! This systems works great on large 2-4 battery systems.


$27.00 + shipping charge

This Battery Quick Disconnect Kit will make it easy to plug directly into you battery bank in seconds. Compatible with 40, 80,120 and 200 watt Zamp Solar Portable Charging Systems.

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